A Scanner Darkly

  • Release date:July 7, 2006
  • Genre:Sci-Fi
  • Running Time:100


Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Rory Cochrane, Dameon Clarke, Eliza Stevens, Rommel Sulit


In a futuristic society, "the war on drugs" has essentially been lost. The most dangerous narcotic, Substance D, causes split personalities in people who abuse it. A gifted detective (Keanu Reeves) who gets addicted to the drug while working undercover develops a personality that becomes a dealer, which leads to problems when he is basically assigned to investigate himself.

Based on a Philip K. Dick novel, the film features a cross between live action photography and advanced animation techniques.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Actor Keanu Reeves.

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