Let There Be Light

  • Release date:February 09, 2018
  • Genre:Drama
  • Running Time:100


Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, Daniel Roebuck


After the death of his young son Davey,Sol Harkens (Kevin Sorbo, who also directs this screenplay co-written by his wife, Sam Sorbo) blames God. He goes on speaking tours and becomes a world famous atheist with a bestselling book, titled Aborting God.

WhenSol has a near-death experience in a car accident, he's declared legally dead for a period of four minutes in the ambulance ride to the hospital. The doctor pronounces it a miracle when Sol not only survives, but fully recovers. Sol reveals that during that four-minute period of time, he saw Davey.Unable to comprehend the experience, he goes to a priest for guidance and begins to see things differently.

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