Wu Kong

  • Release date:July 14, 2017
  • Genre:Action/Adventure
  • Running Time:123


Eddie Peng, Shawn Yue, Ni Ni


A long time ago, Mount Huaguo was destroyed by the Heavenly Kingdom. Furious that his home no longer exists, Sun Wu Kong (Eddie Peng) is determined to go against Heavenís Destiny Astrolabe, which decides the fates of all living beings. Years later, Wu Kong enrols into a school for immortals in Heaven. There, he meets Zi (Ni Ni), the daughter of Hua Ji, the Ringmaster of Gods; Yang Jian (Shawn Yue), a demigod who aspires greater power; Tian Peng (Oho Ou), Hua Jiís servant; and Juan Lian (Qiao Shan), a weapon-making expert. In a twist of fate, the students fall into the mortal realm at Mount Huaguo and find themselves working together to save an innocent village. However, will they truly be able to defy Heavenís will and take control of their own destinies? Or have their fates already been set in stone?

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